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Inspired by the number seven, which has long been associated with good fortune, we created Seven Rings to epitomize Napa Valley excellence.
We are a small team located in Napa Valley California dedicated to bringing you excellent, local wines. Seven Rings wines showcase the diversity of Napa Valley terroir by bottling a range of varietals found in the Valley. Our wines are crafted from grapes grown on our estate vineyards where we carefully watch over them. Our name represents the seven years it takes for grape vines to produce their optimal quality grapes. Our emblem is representative of the yin yang philosophy, a reminder to work in harmony with the forces of nature. We are proud of our 100% certified sustainable vineyards and constantly strive to find ways to ensure our vineyard’s ecosystem is thriving.


Our winemaking approach starts in the vineyard and is supported by employing current techniques and the right people. For us—the goal is always to make exceptional wines.
Mother nature brings us the gift of wine grapes and we honor her by implementing minimalistic winemaking techniques. Our winemaker ensures the distinct flavors of each vineyard shines through in every Seven Rings wine. Grapes are gently de-stemmed and fermented, allowing maximum color extraction. All our wines are finished in oak to create smooth tannins and add a creamy finish. Seven Rings wines are naturally gluten-free, vegan, and made from non-GMO grapes.